Did you forget to enroll on a health insurance plan during the open enrollment period? Or maybe you only have a couple of months until you get onto an employer plan or receive Medicare? A short-term health insurance plan can fill those periods when you need health insurance until you get onto a permanent solution. Consider a short-term insurance plan if you:

    • Forgot to enroll during open enrollment
    • Are in-between jobs
    • Waiting to be eligible for an employer plan
    • Waiting to be eligible for Medicare

Although some people worry that short-term plans will be overly expensive or have bad coverage, this is usually not the case. You can enroll in short-term insurance plans all year-long. The allowed coverage duration varies by state, but your agent will work with you to know your needs. Through this information, they will find the short-term plan that is the right solution for you. The short-term plans we offer can offer you quality coverage at a competitive rate. To learn more about short-term insurance, click here.

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